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Our Enterprise Operations Fulfillment Centre provides clients with access to the services of our experienced IT Project Management professionals and Technology-savvy Resource Specialists. With highly-optimized and contingency-factored resource management models, we aim to deliver operations-ready service teams with competitive cost-effectiveness and healthy operational stability components to upkeep the service levels for the end-customer satisfaction entrusted to Xcellink.


We source globally for technology solutions that help our clients respond productively to business competition and operational challenges. The clientele that we serve are management visionaries and results-oriented tacticians who are fully vested in navigating the business transformation journey for their enterprises. Our portfolio focuses on versatile and practical solutions to help our clients achieve the goals of Leadership Insight, Business Process Agility and Workforce Cultivation. Read more »

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Michael Tan


Operations Lead
"I wanted a challenging, varied environment in which to do interdisciplinary work while not losing sight of my field. At Xcellink I have continually broadened my horizons..."

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Our People

The Xcellink mission is one of shared purpose, taking direction and speed from the intellectual contributions of each and every team member. As the mission advances so does the individual, and vice versa. We are cognizant that the success of the individual and our organization is linked and mutually reinforcing.Our Knowledge-driven and Technology-savvy Team is an empowered alliance of services management professionals and technology consultants championed by Xcellink to deliver Service Excellence with Integrity, Commitment & Passion. More than just delivering to the literal boundaries of a job scope, our folks believe in stepping up to their fullest individual capabilities and leadership potential to serve and score the common team goals. We welcome you to partner & collaborate with Our People. Share an uplifting conversation with us today, your aspirations & challenges matter at Xcellink.



Jen Nie Kwok
Jen Nie Kwok Chief Executive Xcellink Group

Mohamad Azhar Ramalan
Mohamad Azhar Ramalan Executive Director Business Operations

Adelene Tan
Adelene Tan Deputy Director Corporate Services
Featured Employees

Featured Employees

Zoe Soh
Zoe Soh Human Resource Manager Corporate HR

Mahendran Subramaniam
Mahendran Subramaniam Operations Lead Enterprise Operations

Christina Wong
Christina Wong Assistant Manager Finance


Lucinda Tan
Lucinda Tan Managing Consultant Enterprise Solutions

Ivy Lim
Ivy Lim Recruitment Consultant Enterprise Operations

Diana Garcia Rosario
Diana Garcia Rosario Recruitment Consultant Enterprise Operations
Surya Satapathi

Surya Satapathi

Network Support Specialist - Network Operating Center
"Availability of Service requires tip top attention to details. We put priority to our customers’ needs and ensure they are connected to information 24 by 7. "

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Noraini Swed

Noraini Swed

Operations Lead, Business HR
"Not only is our duty to pursue Knowledge, it is also our duty to excel in everything we set our mind to do. This is the core value that is in-sync with my beliefs. Read. "

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Nesson Zhang

Nesson Zhang

Senior Software Engineer
"Staying relevant and current are important to my scope of work. I enjoy the buzz and rush of positive changes with technology. It conditions me to be forward looking. "

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Xcellink Conferred the Work-Life Achiever Award 2010


Xcellink Conferred the Work-Life Achiever Award 2010

Xcellink was amongst 45 companies recognised for their achievement in driving Work-Life strategies in their organisations. Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower and Guest-of-Honour at the Work-Life Excellence Award Gala Dinner, said, “As Singapore’s labour market tightens, and employers move up the productivity and innovation curve, raising wages to attract, motivate and retain...